Eibach Pro Kit # 35101.140


Disclaimer: You should never do any modification that you are not 100% sure you understand. If you do not have the proper tools, proper workspace, or full understanding of the modification and the risks of performing the modification you should seek a professional installer to do the work. The information on these pages are merely a "write up" of my experience and should be used merley as a "beginning" point for your research into the modification.  They are not a "how to" or "step by step" instructions. Proper procedures for servicing your car can be found in the Ford service manual. I am not responsible for any damage or injury that may occur if you perform any of the modifications from my write ups..


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  I'll post a couple Ford images so that people that are not familiar with the suspension systems on the 05 GT can have an understanding of what I am talking about. It may also help make the close up pictures we took during the process make more sense.  

  First we put the entire car up securely on jack stands. Then we removed all the wheels. We started at the rear suspension first. We put the jack under the rear differential to hold up the axle, and proceeded to remove the the lower bolts from each shock. Next we removed the brake line bracket from each frame rail by removing the one bolt holding it. Some have said they did it without removing the bracket, In my opinion it is less risky to just remove a bolt on each side that to let the rubber line stretch against the crimped on fitting. With the lines out of the way we were able to push down on the hub and pull that sides spring out and replace. The we moved to the other side and repeated the remove-replace procedure.   
  Springs Brake Line Bracket  
  Then we moved to the front. The fronts are a little more complicated. First we removed the brake line bracket, sensor wire retainer (black plastic retainer), and sway bar link from the spindle and strut assembly.  
  We then proceeded to remove the 2 bolts holding the lower strut assembly to the spindle, making sure to support the spindle from pivoting forward. With one person holding the strut assembly the other removed the 4 nuts attaching the top of the strut assembly to the strut tower. With the nuts off we then removed the strut assembly from the car.  
  Spindle bolts Strut Assembly  
  With the strut assemble out it is time to compress the spring. We rented a strut spring compressor from the local auto parts store (make sure you get the compressor for use with a strut assembly). With a compressor on each side of the spring begin tightening the bolts (compressing). An air gun comes in reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal handy for this step. With the sring compressed you can remove the retaining nut holding the top bearing assembly to the strut, remove the bearing assembly, and remove the compressed spring.  
  Spring compressor Top bearing assembly  
  With the spring out, modify the bumpstop per the Eibach instructions. Then, compress the new spring and reverse the procedures for the install.  
  Below are the before and after specs and pics.  
  Before After  
  Distance from ground to wheel well center point: Distance from ground to wheel well center point:  
  Front - approx 28 1/8" Front - approx 27"  
  Rear - approx 29" Rear - approx 27 5/8"  
  Distance from top of tire to wheel well center point Distance from top of tire to wheel well center point  
  Front - approx 2 1/4" Front - approx 1 1/8"  
  Rear  - approx 3" Rear  - approx 1 3/8"