Saleen Short Throw Shifter block

Posted by Taco Bill on The Mustang Source forum


* Lube both plastic bushings (outer) before inserting them into the Saleen block.
* Lube the Saleen silver bushing (outer) before inserting it into the shifter barrel.
* Lube the shank of the shift linkage stud pin before inserting it through the plastic bushings (in the Saleen block).
* Loctite the OEM nut that goes on the shift linkage stud pin. Use caution when tightening this nut, DO NOT OVER TORQUE IT! I only brought the nut down until it made contact with the plastic bushing, then gave it an additional 1/8 turn. If you tighten this nut too much, it'll make shifting (into the gates) very difficult.
* Let the Loctite dry before any extended shifting drive.