Trunk Release Button:


Use a momentary push button switch (McMaster Carr P/N 6915K22 or Radio Shack Cat # 275-646), and solder two leads to it.

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Next, Squeeze the sides of the glove box and it flips down.  This will give you access to mount the switch.  Drill a  hole in the glove compartment box. Note there is a metal bar behind the right side of the glove compartment box.  There is one spot that has a hole in it.  Drill the hole in the plastic to match up with this hole. My button was 1/2" so I used a uni-bit that went up to 1/2"


Remove the retainer nut from the switch and insert the switch and the leads into the hole.  Thread the leads through the nut and onto the switch and tighten the nut up.  Next, attach one of the leads to ground.  I loosened one of the grond bolts all ready in the glove box and attached the lead to it and retightened.





Next pull off the kick panel on the passenger side, just lift up on the cover and pull off the cover.  Find the large wire harness and unwrap enough of the tape to reveal the wires.  Find the skinny White wire with a pink stripe.  This is the one we will be using.  Carefully strip a small piece of insulation off this wire without cutting it. Strip a piece of insulation off the remaining lead from the switch and tightly wrap it around the exposed copper on the White/pink wire.  Test your switch,  You can solder this connection if you’d like or just tape it up really good.



When finished, rewrap the wire bundle with electrical tape and place it back as it was.  Replace the cover and the glove compartment box. 


Note that if the switch you chose is too big, the trunk might open sometimes if you slam the glove compartment box or if your knee hits the corner of the glove compartment door.


 If this is a problem, replace the rubber bumper on the glove compartment door with one that is a little larger and made of a harder rubber.  Ace Hardware or Home Depot should have these.