Text Box: Installing Foot Well Lights
By Octavio Diaz



n     Wire Cutters

n     Pliers

n     T20 Torx Screw Driver







12 volt side marker light sockets


12V wedge base bulbs wattage of your choice (I used 7 watt but you could use 4 watt, or 11 watt, etc - think your low voltage landscape bulbs here),


10’ length of  16 - 14 gauge automotive wire (one green and one black)


plastic wire taps (red ones - 14 - 18 gauge)


electrical tape


optional split plastic flex tubing



1) Remove the passenger side "A Pillar" trim piece. It is attached by a compression clamp, and Velcro (coupe may have 2 compression clamps and the vert you have to remove the 2 sun visor screws). Pull the trim piece out then up (disengaging the windshield area tabs as you pull the plastic pillar piece towards you and away from the dash)

2) Locate the wire harness connector about 1/2 way up the A pillar. Pull the harness out and unwrap about 4 - 5 inches of the harness on the downside of the connector. Locate the BLACK w BLUE stripe wire and the

GREEN w YELLOW  (yellow) stripe wires.

3) Use two lengths of about 10’   16 gauge wire to follow the existing harness down the A pillar behind the glove box area, under the center stack and over to the driver's footwell area. The wires will be long but you will trim them later.  Use two different color wires, I recommend green and black.  For easier access, press the sides of the glove box in towards each other and fold the glove box down (make sure it empty first). 


4) Use fishtape, a coat hanger or some other stiff wire to feed from the driver’s side foot well to the passenger’s side .  (You’ll see a wiring harness there and the goal is to pull the new wires along this harness. 

5) From the passenger’s side, tape the two new wires to the pull wire.

6) Pull the fishtape from the driver’s side till the new wires fed completely through.

7) Splice the new wires to the two wires you located in step 2 using two of the plastic wire taps.  I chose black and green so they would be close to the same colors as the original wires.  If I could have gotten striped wires to match the factory ones, I would have.  You want to offset the taps so they will not be near one another.  Separate them by at least 1”.  This will prevent them from creating too much of a bulge and eliminating any possible seating issues with the A pillar trim piece.  Alternatively, you can splice the wires together and solder the connections.  I chose to go this route.


8) Twist the light leads to create strain relief.  Find a desirable spot for the footwell lights.  Select a location that will be somewhat in the center of the foot well and will not be accidentally kicked.  Point the bulbs down towards the floor.  Also, you want to make sure they are located away from the passenger so that no one will get burned by the hot bulbs.  Trim off the excess wires and secure the footwell lights by taping them down to a wiring harness.


9) Splice the lights onto the black and green wires using the other 4 plastic wire taps.  Test the lights by opening the doors.  The footwell lights should go on and off with the overhead map lights (on when you unlock or open the door, dim along with the overhead lights and should be switch able from the light switch along with the overhead lights).  Dim the lights and the footwell lights should dim as well.  If they don’t, recheck your splices.  Note that these lights are not grounded.  They must be connected to the two wires indicated to make sure that the dimming circuit works properly.

10) Dress the wires using electrical tape or the split plastic flex tubing (or both).  Tape the wires in the A pillar the same as they were before.  Now you are ready to replace the A pillar trim piece and visor if you had to remove it.